Acrylic bathtub features

Acrylic bathtub features

Acrylic bathtub is characterized by rich shape, light weight, good surface finish, and low prices.

Acrylic bathtub heat transfer is very slow, so the insulation effect is good, even in the cold winter, the skin contact with the acrylic bathtub body surface will not feel the "cold" feeling. The human body collides with the acrylic bathtub, generally do not touch the body, is the necessary material to create luxury bathtub.

Acrylic, a byproduct of deep-sea oil, is much less expensive to produce than a cast iron or steel bathtub and has very good performance and therefore has a price advantage and a greater market competitiveness.

Acrylic bathtub has a certain degree of self-healing properties, if the surface of the acrylic bathtub scratches, the bathtub itself will have a certain degree of self-repair function. Acrylic bathtub and the surface is smooth and white, easy to clean.