Framed and Frameless shower enclosure comparison

Framed and Frameless shower enclosure comparison

Once the bathroom building is ready, we will refer to the framed or frameless shower room, so many people start to struggle with which kind is worthy or suitble.

1 Framed shower enclosure with long life, no need to change accessories frequently 

Framed shower cabin made of aluminum frame, tempered glass, metal hardware and  plastic materials, rely on aluminum frame supporting the overall framework, like the skeleton, get glass more stable, so there is no need to frequently replace accessories, the service life is relatively long; but the style is certain old-fashioned a little, easy to dirty,It is easy to leak once if the seal is loose. 

2 Frameless shower cubicle with simple transparent extension vision

Frameless shower room in the market is indeed more popular, it uses hardware instead of aluminum frame to connect glass, appears more minimamlist and refreshing, but must change waterproof rubber strips termly beocause of aging, while no famework it is not safe, mainly resulted from improper hardware installation, if something is not in positon well so arouse stress uneven inside the glass,thenn prone to explosion.In addition, we have to pay more attention about instllation like the wall structure,should be finished by foam cement to ensure the safety.