How to choose steamed shower cabin

How to choose steamed shower cabin

If you want to buy a steamed shower cabin, then it must be suitable option at first.

So we need to pay attention to these aspects:

1, the steamed shower cabin technical content is relatively complex, its’s better to choose good after-sales service and well-known big brand; 

2, the steamd shower cabin should not be too large, If it occupies the much more bathroom space,you will feel very oppressive.

3, according to the layout of the bathroom,we choose the what’s the best opening direction for door glass,like slider,push or pull,inward or outward opening way.

4, the steamed shower cabin height must match the bathroom height,almost overall cubicle height is about 2.1meters,besides,we leave another 10 centimters for shower base,that is to say,bathroom height should be higher than 2.2 meters.

5, a high skirt bathtub of the shower room with bathing and also showring fucntion,but if it is for the elderly and children,we recommend the low profile shower tray as to access easily.