How to choose the right shower enclosure

How to choose the right shower enclosure

1, Chek the glass First of all, it must be tempered glass, if the glass is qulified,the test sound will be clear and crisp,if the glass is inferior,the test sound shoud be more oppressive.

At the same time,please note whether there are scratches on the surface, internal and external flaws.

2, Read the certification

3C certification or CE is a product conformity evaluation system by the state according to the laws and regulations, for sake of the family safety.

3. Hardware Selection

Shower cabin frame materials covering stainless steel and aluminum alloy mostly.

4, Choose the shower base

Shower bases mainly are made from artificial stone, ceramics, acrylic and so on, of which man-made stone with better toughness and hardness, can be used to different shapes, ceramic is old fashion and easy to be dirty,acrylic looks glossy and feels comfortable, but not recommended, easy to scratch.

5. Confirm the size

Prepare drawings in advance according to the size of shower cubicle.

6.Afer sale Service 

Work with a good reputation, with brand awareness shower equipment factory.