How to clean the acrylic bathtub:

How to clean the acrylic bathtub:

1, can not use coarse cloth, steel ball, scouring pad and other hard material to wipe the bathtub, otherwise it will wear the bathtub surface.

2, you can use a neutral liquid detergent (such as dishwashing detergent, glass water, etc.) or soft cloth and sponge, or old newspapers to wipe and clean.

3, can not be worn or over-alkaline cleaning supplies.

4, bath cleaning at least once a month to be twice, to reduce the breeding of bacteria.

5, there are some simple ways to clean the bathtub. Such as vinegar bubble, the cloth soaked in vinegar, and then the rags covered in a stain on the position for one night, the next day with soda ash configuration vinegar brush washing the stains will be clean.