How to maintain aluminum profiles

Aluminum proflie is an important part of the shower room, especially for the framed shower room, high quality aluminum anti-bending strength, hardness are required to meet the national standards in order to withstand the weight of the shower glass. Therefore, aluminum materials need careful maintenance, to extend shower room service life.


According to the shower room process request, as well as customer demand, aluminum profiles have different standards in the process of oxidation coloring, then how to maintain it?


Electrostatic spraying Products: first of all, do not put under direct sunlight and exposure to avoid photosensitive reaction, resulting in the discoloration of the spray layer;secondly,do not use corrosive liquids or materials to wipe,;thirdly,never use coarse materials to wipe the surface;fourthly, never be scratched with sharp things.

If there are stains on the aluminum surface, please use neutral wash cleaner to wipe. 


Oxidation Coloring Products: different from electrostatic spraying type not easy to fade, but do not use coarse materials to wipe the surface, also can not use sharp objects to carve the surface. If there are stains, please use neutral detergent to clean the surface.