How to prevent the shower glass from exploding

How to prevent the shower glass from exploding

(1) Try to avoid collisions

tempered glass strength is higher, but it is easy to damange once if any sharg things impact, even the slight deformation of the wall will affect the safety of tempered glass.

(2) Bathroom temperature adjustment 

The interior of the glass shower room is a relatively confined space, when bathing high temperature and high pressure will be formed on the glass screen, resulting in glass heating uneven, specially in winter temperature difference will easily trigger glass burst, therefore, it is recommended to adjust the bathroom temperature beforehand, at the very beginning do not use too heated water. 

(3) Safety explosion-proof membrane 

affixed high-quality transparent and safe exposion proof film upon the glass surface,can greatly improve the strength of the glass. Even if there is a burst, by the explosion proof film's adhesion,the glass fragments can be glued together, thereby fundamentally eliminating the safety hazard away from deris.