Low Iron Shower Glass Grade

Low Iron Shower Glass Grade

How about the visual effect of standard shower glass, if you check carefully you will find shower glass becomes certainly green. And then it may surprise and irritate you, specially at that time you have just chosen a pure white bathroom suites even white tiles. 

The showering space is mostly glass,the bathing time is private and enjoyable,not uneasy due to visual discolor,so how to replace or upgrade? Fortunately,Cedar Showers have low-iron glass,which    is crystal clear and far more transparent than standard glass.

Standard glass has high levels of iron oxide, which reduces the amount of light that can travel through it and turn out to be greenish. The thicker the standard glass, the more obvious the greening effect. But for low iron glass,by reducing the levels of iron oxide the green tinge is almost completely removed, so you can see your bathroom and showering spaces in high definition true colour.

Take Low iron as ultra-white glass,as the option of all our ranges products,for a better showering experience.

Ultra Whilte and Standard Glass