Self-Cleaning shower glass principle

Self-Cleaning shower glass principle 


Self-Cleaning glass,sometimes named as nano-coating glass,is simple and convenient for the attraction point to arouse the consumer's resonance. So how does it make shower glass easy to clean?


First, let's look at why the shower glass is susceptible to stains, the seemingly smooth glass is actually not actual, if observing the glass under the microscope, you will find that the glass surface spread over large and small pits, and these pits has a strong adsorption onto the stain.furthermore,the stain fills the glass pits, which makes the glass seeming smooth and makes its cleaning more difficult.


Self-cleaning glass is coated by the main ingredient of fluorine silane, after the chemical action with the glass, forming a covalent bond on the glass surface, resulting in strong adhesion and corrosion resistance, effectively and firmly filled with the inherent pits, so that the shower glass becomes truly smooth, no stains.