Self-cleaning shower room history

Self-cleaning shower glass history


Internationally, glass-cleaning materials began in the 80 's and gradually improved. The first generation of products apply the principle that silicone polymers form smooth surfaces on glass. The second generation of the product use fluorocarbon compounds, but the disadvantage is easy to fall off, because the man will use a strong cleaning method to remove dirt, and this adhesive coating will soon be washed away together.


Until the 90 's, German nanotechnology scientists had developed a chemical that could be fused into a covalent bond through a gel and a glass that was as durable as the surface of the glass itself. Reduce the surface energy, forming a permanent non-stick glass surface, with water repellent effect. This is same as the nature of the feather, lotus leaf hydrophobic principle.


With ultra-low surface energy and between special surface structure of the coating and water forming of a micro-air layer, so that water can not directly contact with the surface of the coating, while water, oil, stains, microorganisms can not adhere to the surface to cause dirt, not only protect the primary colors of glass, and also ensure that the shower glass.