Shower enclosure hinges

The hinge of the shower room is extremely important, because the whole weight of the glass door of the shower room is loaded by the hinge, so the hinge must be corrosion resistant, fatigue resistant also with strong bearing capacity. There are two two kinds of shower room hinge in the shower enclosure supplier market,copper plating hinge and stainless steel hinge.

Shower cabin stainless Steel hinges,independent design, guarantee accuracy, quality and coordination; automatic multi-process polishing, mirror effect, pass the acid salt spray test over 24 hours,meet 10 levels above the standard.

Shower cabin Copper hinges, strong bearing capacity, all hand precise polishing, plating layer thickness of 11 microns(international standard), bright mirror effect, reflecting metal texture, no deformation, and pass the acid salt spray test over 24 hours, its surface will not appear black spots, foaming, delamination and other inferior phenomena.