Shower room handle option

Shower room handle 

Shower enclosure handle is made of certain material, such as aluminum alloy, ABS electroplating, 304# stainless steel, acrylic crystal, different materials handle has its unique performance. 304# stainless steel is the most high-level durable material, bright as new, its cost is relatively high. Acrylic Crystal is crystal clear, nice looking. Aluminum alloy hande feels soft against any other metal.ABS is the economical handle option usually.

Different shapes of handle, fit different series of shower cubicle, F-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped, and non-slip handle, better to avoid unnecessary slipping accidents. 

Handle color can also be bright silver, matt silver, white painting, sand and other options, and also any handle can be non-standard customized, to meet the different target market terminal needs.