Ultra-white glass in shower cubicle

Ultra-white glass in shower cubicle

Ultra-white glass is a kind of ultra transparent low iron glass, also known as low iron glass, high transparent glass. 

It is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass varieties, light transmittance up to more than 91.5%, with crystal clear, high-grade elegant characteristics, in the name of "Crystal Prince" 

Ultra-white glass,as high-quality float glass, has all the machinable performace, with superior physical, mechanical and optical nature, can be like other float glass to make deep-proessing.such as tempered, coated, glaze, hot bending, glue, hollow assembly. 

Ultra-white glass in the bathroom is not only energy saving, environmental protection, but also make the shower room be fashionable,full of avantgarde home style and design concept.