Wet Room Shower Screens

Wet Room Shower Screens

How to create a fully sealed environment to allow collection of the water from the shower.The wet room products are well proven in the market and are good value. They should always allow for a sloped shower tray, on top of which you can tile.

One of the main advantages of a wet room, excluding the design and aesthetics, is that it can be much easier to clean. In general, most showering areas require some sort of separation to avoid water spreading around the whole bathroom. as before this is achieved with shower doors that have runners, hinges, seals and other component parts,but they are more difficult to clean.

A wet area generally has a simple glass divider with some bracing bars and is far easier to maintain. The simplicity of only having glass also reduces the cost and offset some or all of the extra costs associated with the tanking systems.

Wet room Single shower screen CFW-501.jpg