2018 Red Dot Award, The World's Top Sparkle

2018 Red Dot Award, the world's top sparkle


Recently, the 2018 Red Dot Design Awards ceremony was held in Germany, the official on line website Synchronized Publish Award list. This session, there are more than 6,300 design works from 59 countries, 1797 pieces are awarded, of which 69 pieces are awarded the highest award of the Best Design awards. while the quantity of sanitary products won 102, compared to last year, increases nearly one times, of which 3 won the Best Design award. How can you miss this visual feast?

Bathing facilities, this year, there are 3 shower rooms and 1 bathtub selected, by the Irish and German enterprises to share, of which the German enterprise Bette's colorful bathtub products are also this year's "Best Design Award" one of the winners.