Shower Classification

Shower room according to the function of the overall shower room and simple shower room; according to the style points angular shower room, a font bath screen, circular shower room, bath bath screen, etc .; by the shape of the chassis square, full circle, fan , Diamond-shaped shower room, etc .; according to the door structure sub-shift doors, folding doors, swing doors and other shower room.

More overall shower function, the higher the price, generally can not be made. The overall shower room with steam function is also called steam room, heart disease, hypertensive patients and children can not use the steam room alone. Compared with the overall shower room, simple shower room without "roof", rich style, the basic structure is the end of the basin or artificial stone bottom or natural stone bottom ridge, the basin texture of ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, The bottom of the basin to install plastic or tempered glass shower room, tempered glass door with ordinary tempered glass, high-quality tempered glass, corrugated tempered glass and cloth tempered glass and other materials.

Their spending power will gradually emerge. Improving the living environment and improving the quality of life are becoming the urgent needs of urban residents. Therefore, the shower room manufacturers may wish to target market positioning in second-tier cities and vast rural areas, where there is a lot of work.

The shower room industry is an emerging industry in the architectural hardware field that has been developed through the integration and innovation of faucets, showers and related electrical equipment.

In the context of accelerating urbanization and upgrading household consumption, China's shower room market will face a broader development prospects in the future.